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Book Review : Rapid Development

FRI, 23 NOV 2012

One of the good thing about book, is that there is so much good book available, that there is always more good books left to read the number of books you have already been though. Another good thing about books is that good books stay good even as the time goes on. Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules by Steve McConnell is one of those good books that, while written more than 15 years ago, is still an excellent read today. Actually, reading it now allow us to have a better perspective on the different best practices mentioned by Steve.

Because that is what this book is really about: what are the best practices to achieve rapid software development. But to know which ones are the best practice for your project, you need to know how to select them, what are the hypothesis behind the idea, and where they are best applied. Fortunately, this is also covered in detail in the book. In fact, I do not see what could have been added to this book; it feel really complete.

Even with some best practices that you can see would need to be modified to be applied today, or maybe even not that much useful with all the changes the software development industry have seen, it is still a most excellent read. I recommend it to everyone that have some impact on or is affected by any software development project. From fresh out of school to experienced professionals, this book is a must read for everyone.