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What is jemalloc
Book Review: Code Complete
Compilation as a test
Book Review : Version Control by Example
Book Review : Rapid Development
Kanban and Scrum: making the most of both
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DataBallet is alive
Web : server, framework, database
Try something different
Fixing SSL issues using stunnel
The key to a successful open source (personal) project
Backup your contributions
Free as in Freedom
A new home
Network protocol testing
You failed not Waterfall
No to premature optimization
Learn Linux by using it
First iteration must fail
Fear not NoSQL
Kicking my own butt
Re building DEB sources using Gentoo Sabayon
Publishing packages on LaunchPad from Gentoo Sabayon Linux
Never assume too much
Hands on Python learning
I ll be back soon
Encrypted swap partition on Gentoo and Sabayon Linux
Automatically lock your screen when you leave with BlueProximity on Kubuntu 10 10
Learning a new programming language
Book Review Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
Point the blame
Learn something new today
Automatically create portable Linux applications
Book Review The Mythical Man Month
Be prepared for the unexpected
A new year of software development
Easy backporting of Ubuntu and Debian packages
Book Review Teach Yourself C in 21 Days Complete Compiler Edition
Book Review Le Macmillan TCP IP
OpenWRT rocks or why open firmware are the way to go
Network applications debugging
Certifications schmertifications
A change of terminal
First impressions of Sabayon Linux
Book Review Version Control with Git
Book Review Algorithm Design
Update theme questions and answers
Subversion Clients Review eSvn
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Now on Twitter
Creating a Debian or Ubuntu chroot from Ubuntu 10 04
Book Review Manage It
As promised a new theme
An introduction to Git
Subversion Clients Review Cascade
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Meet the Linux Family Peter Groen
LinkedIn for Software Developers
Building source and binary deb from dsc orig tar gz and debian tar gz files
Video demonstration of TDD in C using CppUTest and Eclipse CDT
Specials Linux distributions for software developers
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Importance of regression testing
Ubuntu 10 04
Summer 2010 Linux events
SSH cascading
Meet the Linux Family David Wuertele
Be specific
Subversion Clients Review KSvn
Now available in French
I m not dead Including two Evolution tips
Subversion Clients Review Qct
Meet the Linux Family Martin Lacasse
Meet the Linux Family Kyle Mestery
Introduction to Embedded Linux
Comparing Linux distributions popularity
Two For One
Subversion Clients Review KDESvn
Spring 2010 Linux events
Software Developers Are Clueless Too
More strace for fun and profit
Meet the Linux Family
Distributed Version Control Systems will rule the world
C unit testing
Subversion Clients Review RapidSVN
Meet the Linux Family Luca Perencin
Meet the Linux Family Eric Hameleers
Meet the Linux Family Alex Petit Bianco
Kate Puts Other Text Editors to Shame
Book Review Micro ISV From Vision to Reality
Book Review How to Win Friends Influence People
Book Review Applying UML and Patterns
A guy is journey toward Linux migration
Winter 2010 Linux events
What should a software developer learn for 2010
What do you want
Subversion SVN clients reviews
Easy sequence diagrams
UML modeling tools reviews MagicDraw UML
Software Development with Linux moved to WordPress
Parsing XHTML in C A libxml2 tutorial
Open Source Virtualization from Intel
Facebook and Twitter plugins for Pidgin
A Complete History of Free and Open Source Software
Virtualization cloud computing unified computing etc
To have success know why it was a success
CVS clients reviews TkCVS
Book Review The Web Startup Success Guide and links list
Book Review The Business of Software
Which licence do you use
Parsing XHTML in C
More cheat sheets
Mobile website
CVS clients reviews cvs
About source control
Linux paper magazines
Green Mooching
Free Linux Books
CVS clients reviews CurVeS
Book Review JavaScript The Definitive Guide
Autumn 2009 Linux events
Another tiny web server
About design
Gustavo Duarte s Internals series
Dia Mini Course
CVS clients reviews SmartCVS
Better Code with Linux
Worse is better
CVS clients reviews jCVS
CVS clients reviews Pharmacy
Book Review Modern C Design
Book Review Analysis Patterns
Are Go To statements really harmful
About arguments and results
Notes on Programming in C
Linux Socket Programming
Free Linux IDEs
Easy Linux kernel debugging
Do less do better do more
Demystifying network file systems caching
Debugging of embedded Linux applications on ARM9 ARM11 processors
CVS clients reviews gcvs
CVS clients reviews CrossVC
CVS clients reviews Cervisia
A guide to the kernel development process
Use Cases Agility
Tiny web server
Debugging software under Linux
CVS clients reviews
Book Review Use Case Modeling
Assume it s your fault
An Agile Unified Process
A secure reverse network connection
UML modeling tools reviews extended
UML modeling tools reviews Visual Paradigm for UML
UML modeling tools reviews JUDE
The Bash declare statement
Summer 2009 Linux events
Quick find replace script
IM clients for Linux
Free Linux Books
Book Review The Apache Modules Book
Are software development books still relevent
Using Wireshark for USB sniffing
UML modeling tools reviews Dia
UML modeling tools reviews BOUML
UML modeling tools reviews ArgoUML
Traditional meet Agile software development
Summary of OpenMP 3 0 C C syntax
Searching for missing include files
Rating UML Editors
MDA versus Agile
Embedded Linux Market Survey
Eclipse CDT tutorials
Communication is the key
Book Review Object Oriented Software Metrics
10 best cheat sheets
Working from a remote directory
UML modeling tools reviews Umbrello
UML modeling tools reviews OpenOffice org Draw
UML modeling tools reviews Kivio
UML modeling tools reviews Gaphor
UML modeling tools reviews
Kate Get an Edge in Editing
Installing Linux on a laptop without CD
Laurent Parenteau